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2017-04-30 10:11 am

not_primetime letter

Dear author,
thank you in advance for taking your time to write for me! I’m happy we have some fandoms in common :D Please know those are my suggestions only, and the most important for me is for you to have fun writing <3 Don’t hesitate to contact me via the mod if you have any questions.

I’m quilljoy @ AO3 & tumblr (previously Inktrap)
You can look through my tags and favs to get a notion of what I’m into, as well!


Tomoe Sakura: I just happen to have a very soft spot for Weiss ladies, and Sakura is one of my favorites. Her evolution through the series is fascinating for me, & I'd love to have a glimpse of her life post-weiss. She's a survivor and a fighter, who did her best, in the realms of her possibilities, to support the man she loved and save his sister, not only because she was his sister, but because that was the right thing to do. I'd love a glimpse at her mind after the fall of the tower. How does she cope with the trauma Schuldig put her through? How does Ran's loss affect her? How's life going with Aya-chan, and what will happen once Aya leaves to fulfill her own dream?

Hidaka Ken: Ken's my bae. I love him so much *cries softly but copiously*. I'd love anything that explores his life in the orphanage, specially if you dwell in drama CD territory. His relationship with the nuns and the other kids seem fascinating, as well as the glimpses we get from the reasons he was dropped there (daddy issues much? I'm a sucker for bad parenting stories, so feel free to hit me with all the feels if you want). Despite everything, I believe he had a fairly happy childhood.

I'm also, like, obsessed with the idea of Schwarz!Ken. He's a hair trigger away from being Farfarello's perfect substitute, sooooooo if you want to explore what would happen if Schwarz decided to hire new members after Farfarello and Nagi leaving, or if Ken never got the help he obviously needed, I'm so game.

Also feel free to explore any relationships you want/need, I'm on the bandwagon of "I ship Ken with anything that has a pulse" so yeah.

Likes: introspective character pieces, post canon, canon-typical levels of violence, dealing with trauma, grimdark with hopeful undertones, gen, side ships, canon divergent AUs.
DNWs: I rather like Glühen & Side B, so ignoring those two feels rather awkward for me.


Tatsumi/Tsuzuki: Whenever I think of Tatsumi/Tsuzuki I go "we could've had it aaaaaall". Their angst is so– I mean, if only they had psychological help, dammit. They could've been so supportive and good for each other. Alas, they're terrible. Which sucks, but the heartache is sooooo good. I serious dig all the pain this ship puts me through. Fluff, angst and porn are definitely a bonus. I like the awkwardness going on between the two of them. Tsuzuki definitely needs comfort but Tatsumi is awful at it. Tatsumi needs not to be strong all the damn time but he believes Tsuzuki to be too fragile. It's just an awful situation between two people who care about each other. I don't think it could work between them, but they could at least give it a second try orz

I'm also ridiculously fond of the Count's fairytale arc, so if you feel like a writer beetle, I could also do with the totally stupid, cliche and LOVELY book romance between Tatsumi and Tsuzuki's alter egos, or the eventual fall out of Tsuzuki and Tatsumi realizing they do have feelings for each other. A fairytale ending for those two would be A+. Even if it takes a Count's perverted writing to make it happen.

Muraki/Tsuzuki: Muraki and Tsuzuki's relationship is fascinating. I'd love to have porn because – of course I'd love it. Still, while a lot of people write MuraTsu as non/dub con, I'd appreciate if you could focus on the fact that Tsuzuki is very much tempted by Muraki. He doesn't want to fall into the temptation because Muraki *is* evil, but that's what genuinely what attracts Tsuzuki to him. How could someone who's so bad feel no guilt about it? While Tsuzuki feels guilt all the time. Muraki cares so little about Tsuzuki being evil or not that Tsuzuki is charmed. It's… good, to hate someone else for a moment, instead of yourself.
(If you find a way to include Muraki's grandfather in it I'd be absolutely delighted.)

Likes: Porn (i’m sorry bUT IT’S TRUE), D/s, AUs, getting togethers, power imbalance, pre-canon, missing scenes, canon-typical violence, UST, tropes (like bedsharing, trapped together, huddling for warmth, etc).
DNWs: Non-con (I’m fine with dub-con)


Cullen/Carver: I think it'd be fascinating to explore their relationship after DAII or during Inquisition's setting. I usually don't enjoy stories about pre-existing relationships because I love getting to know how the couple came to be, but a relationship torn apart by war is … interesting. It doesn't even have to be overtly dramatic. I just want to know how they'd continue together. What if the Inquisitor found Carver's letters on Cullen's desk? How does Cullen deal with his lyrium addiction knowing somewhere else, his beloved is facing this struggle too? How easy (or difficult) is for them to communicate? Does seeing Hawke makes Cullen glad to have news from Carver, or does he pine, knowing Carver's far away? How's their happy reunion?
AUs are also always fun!

Likes: worldbuilding, epistolary/journal/log fiction, post-canon, AUs, happy endings, trust issues, morning afters, dealing with consequences (aftermath of war/ substance abuse/ trauma)
DNWs: Saccharine fluff